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Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes $120.00

This massage focuses on the everchanging dynamics of the body as it undergoes its beautiful transformation through one’s pregnancy. This technique focuses on the body along with the mind.

Pregnancy massage reduces swelling and tension as well as eliminating aches and pains associated with additional weight gain. Ending the with session with calming the mind with a guiding imagery to help prepare for the next step in your beautiful journey through life

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I.G.M. Advanced Therapeutic Acupressure

60 Minutes $120.00

Don’t let the gentle touch during the session fool you, because I definitely was. There are thousands of Acupressure points in our bodies, but this Acupressure treatment mainly focuses on fifty most Important pressure points in the body.

Acupuncture uses needles to insert at the nerve endings, located on the surface of the skin for optimum Healing. Acupressure does the same if not ever better releasing by using firm fingertip pressure, especially if you’re not fond of the needles like most people.

Relax let go and let the bodies energy flow making you feel Whole.

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Reiki Massage

60 Minutes $120.00

Ultimate Zen Massage is technique which is incorporated with a little bit of everything leaving one feeling Zen.

The session begins with a wonderful guided meditation to calm the mind, pressure points therapy to release tension from troubled spots, Shiatsu technique to open up the energy channels known as Meridians, for optimal flow of energy.

As we continue to move along with the session, Reiki energy is at constant flow, bringing the body and mind in a deeper state of healing, relaxation as well balancing the electromagnetic energy field known as the Aura.

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Reiki Hands On Healing

60 Minutes $120.00

“Reiki” is an ancient art of healing that was discovered in the early 1900’s by a Buddhist philosopher and a spiritual healer named Mikao Usui.

Einstein said it’s best all matter is energy vibrating at a different frequency.

How Reiki session works is the service provider intuitively taps to the bodies energetic highway and pathway that creates an electromagnetic energy field that emanates all things also known as the Aura. Reiki promotes a deeper state of relaxation, feeling grounded and Holistic “meaning Whole”.

Reiki is given by wearing

comfortable and loose clothing.

The givers hands are gently placed over the receiver’s body and with love and heart felt intention the Reiki is at constant flow magically doing its magic.

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Karma Cleansing

60 Minutes $150

Karma clearing is Vocal energy healing is done through communicating to the higher power of universal intelligence that lies deep within and is all around us. The Facilitator works with higher intelligence of the body and mind at cellular level to accomplish the  ultimate self-realization in seeing the TRUE self we call God, Jesus, Buddha, Mother earth and Mohammad there light is our light. The ROOT origin definition of Karma means MISSING THE TARGET.

Why do we keep missing the target of doing what makes us feel happy?

That’s because in fact it is our PROGRAM in our belief system on a Cellular memory at soul level that keeps us repeating the same old patterns and behaviors, which is the Root Cause of our Karma.

Transformation always accures when we take charge by peeling away the layers of emotional trauma like an onion. No matter how big or small, past or current and even past life trauma passed down from generation to generation from our ancestors.

Peace begins from within, when we battle Our old stagnant trauma that no longer serves us or Mother Earth.

To be loved is to have self-love first.

“Let’s be the change we wish to seek in this beautiful world”

So beautifully put by Mahatma Gandhi

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Chakra Balance

50 Minutes  $ 95.00 in home service, $40 group setting, $30 live on zoom

The Chakra is an ancient Sanskrit word meaning spinning wheels. These beautiful and colorful wheels is what creates an Aura also known as the bioelectric magnetic energy field, that emanates all living matters. The Chakra’s are energy vortex that are situated right on top of the hormone glands in the body. A chemical substance that can balance or unbalance our emotional state of being. From an energetic stand point the Chakra system house’s different emotional frequency’s. The purpose of this Meditation is to maintain a healthy, vibrant and strong energy field. The Chakra Meditation consists of tensing and relaxing different parts of the body. Then followed by a guided imagery of the colors ,Mantra or affirmations, sounds of the Chakra’s. Finally ending the precious session listening to the Tibetan singing bowl, Leaving one feeling Calm, grounded and at peace.

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Reiki House Clearing 

40 Minutes $95.00

Clear the negative stagnant vibration to a feel-good vibration all around you.

Have you ever walked into house or a room where you felt an uncomfortable or uneasy vibe? maybe not so much as an adult but definitely as child we all have. As kids we are highly sensitive and intuitive and as we get older most of us lose that natural ability. We all carry and bring with us where ever we go some type of energy. Whether it be positive or negative and it emanates throughout our whole being to everything and everyone and that’s a FACT. Clearing your homes energy is like a spring cleaning, ridding old stuff that no longer is of use to us. So why should old stagnant energy be any different. price may very on location.

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