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Reiki, a path to enlightenment.

My personal experience with Reiki started in 1997.  I was twenty-four years old and life was a constant battle of challenges. It was time to let go of unhealthy situations past and current experiences that no longer served me. My mind and body did not know how

to cope with all the changes that were taking place so rapidly. My body went into a shock and I was faced with many health issues.

I was always a sensitive being even as a child, so I didn’t do so well with stressful and unhealthy situations. I tried medications but my body just rejected them. I felt so helpless but you know the saying “Ask and it shall be given, seek and you shall find.” Behold, through divine intervention, my sister had a friend that was a Reiki healer, and since I had nothing to lose and was desperate for help, I went for it.   After one session I felt energized, peaceful, and I had clarity about my life’s decisions. My body felt at ease, and all this just from one session. What a miracle I said to myself. Three years later I moved into a town where I met a woman who had a crystal store two blocks from my new home, and behold she was a Reiki master. The year of 2000 was when my spiritual journey began. Never was I so excited, passionate and enthusiastic about wanting to know about this unknown phenomenon and the kind of magical powers it held. Twenty-three years later with great faith, dedication and great perseverance Reiki proved to be a powerful spiritual tool, which lead, and guided me to achieve a total spiritual metamorphosis in all areas of my life. As well as guided me to living my soul’s purpose and mission here on earth and that is to share the loving and healing power of Reiki to all whom seek an enlightenment way of being.

What is Reiki?

Spiritual Understanding of Reiki:

All beautiful things are not always seen but definitely felt.

A universal intelligence of life force energy. It is the very life force energy and pure consciousness of God, Buddha, Jesus, Muhammad, mother, earth, and so forth, for they are a constant reminder and a reflection of who we really are.

The love and light of Reiki allows one to see yourself and the world through the perceptions of love and truth from deep within.

A Reiki Attunement is a tool that expedites our spiritual journey to an enlightenment way of living.

A powerful and everlasting metamorphosis shift and a guiding light, from ending all karmic pain and suffering, to fully experiencing everlasting joy, peace and prosperity in all areas of your life.

When we are energetically in a positive vibration we become synchronicities with the universe and everything flows in perfect harmony. It is the miraculous gift that Reiki brings into our lives and Mother nature.

You gotta be in it to feel it.

How does Reiki work?

Einstein said it best, “All Matter is energy vibrating at a different frequency.”

Our physical body being the matter, where spirit or energy resides. This spirit or energy makes up our emotional feelings that vibrate at different frequency.  Anger vibrates at a low frequency, and peace vibrates at high vibration. After all Emotion is ENERGY in motion. This is where the Meridian and Chakra’s come into play.

The Meridians is known as the energetic pathway to our organ’s health. The Chakra system in our body is known as the energy vortex, a pathway to the emotional or spiritual aspect of our being. These energetic pathways make up the Aura, also known as the bio magnetic energy

fields produced by living organisms, that emanate all living things. When the Aura is healthy and strong from within so is our life. It takes an open-minded person who dares to expand their perception in order to perceive the light of TRUTH. The truth in who we are underneath all the mental, physical and emotional negative programing, which is the ROOT cause of all of our illness and disease from past life, this life and from our ancestors whom we have taken on.

What is a Reiki Attunement?

It is a spiritual process in which one learns to master its own body’s energy by raising its vibrational frequency with each level of attunement. Upon receiving the first Reiki attunement the receiver, becomes a channel for this universal healing energy. Once you are attuned the receiver now has the ability to heal its self and all living beings by placing of the hands and effortlessly the healing Ki flows automatically. To go in depths of how Reiki works it has much to do with unraveling our Karmic debts, which is our past and current experiences that are embedded in the soul’s DNA blue print.
One can truly and only call them self a Reiki master, is when one makes a commitment to tap into our vulnerability, which by the way is not a weakness but a great strength. It’s having courage to do the work by peeling through the energetic emotional karmic layers of trauma past and current, one layer at a time, like an onion. And believe me, there are many layers to peel away in order to get the core of who we really are.
Under the rubble of fear there’s a light that shines so bright all those whom are encompassed by it will be prospered and nurtured by it.

How is it the Attunements given?

For-most it is imperative that when choosing a Reiki master, you trust your gut intuition that it’s the right match for you. When the student is ready the teacher will appear and vice versa in perfect harmony and in perfect synchronicity.
The Reiki master goes through a three-day cleansing and meditation process as well as the student. During the initiation or spiritual ceremony, we set the intention by calling forth the highest universe intelligence a beloved creator a higher power that your faith is in, to assist and guide us during this sacred spiritual transformational ceremony. Afterwards ancient sacred symbols are drawn over the body’s energy vortex and channels. The Reiki attunement does its magic by awakening the very life force energy which is a part of our genetic heritage from the time of conception. Reiki was dormant because we knew nothing about its existence. During this sacred process everyone has a different experience, some may cry, laugh, release gas or just feel joy and contentment. Some see Auric colors in their minds eye or may see an image of a loved one or an unknown entity.

Reiki Level one attunement:


Assists in healing the physical level of dis-ease or disharmony. The physical health overtime changes for the better in the months to following the initiation. Reiki one is primarily for self-healing and close family and friends who are physically present.All depending on the person because every “BODY” is at a different at in energetic vibrational level, there for the processes of the attunement may take up to four weeks or more to adjust to Reiki one, before moving forward to the second level of Reiki.
Trusting your process and intuition is key when it comes to spiritual Transformation.

Reiki level two:


The bodies energy becomes heightened in its healing abilities.
In focuses on pealing the layers on the mental and emotional level of the receiver.  old emotions, unhealed former situation, negative mental pattern, resurfaces for healing.
In Level two you have the ability to do self-healing as well as all those who whom are open to receiving it.
Intuition and psychic ability are enhancing and you just may see the Aura as I witnessed during my second attunement it was a magical experience.
Distant healing is done with intention and mental imagery. psychically sending healing across time and space to everything and everyone.
Finally, you get know and create a bond with the sacred symbols and the miraculous healing gifts it brings to all.

Reiki level three:


Is the Master/Teacher degree.
A true Reiki Master is one whom has mastered discipline and with great perseverance in healing oneself first before healing others. Perfect example is putting the oxygen mask on first before helping others. The master level is when the karmic wheel really starts to spin at a higher frequency, allowing one to go deeper into true self and peeling away all negative programing of habits patterns that keep you from truly experiencing, absolutely pure joy, oneness with all life and connection to higher self. Now That you have your universal life force back you are ready to share your gifts with the planet in healing mother earth and creating little Buddha’s.

Reiki level four coming soon: