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About the Healer

What is an Intuitive energy healer? A question I get asked frequently.
An energy healer is one whom sees, feels and reads energy with an intuitive sense of knowing. I have been called the Human Wispier by clients.
As an energy healer I intuitively tab into the bodies energy field and get to the ROOT cause of disharmony or out of balance. Whether it be physical or emotional discomfort I intuitively tune in and listen when the body talks. I believe the universe has a divine purpose for all of us here on earth.

Now that I am older and much wiser, my purpose being here on Earth became clearer to me. It is extremely important for us to never forget where we came from and our family roots. Because our roots mold the essence of our being.

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I believe in the importance of carrying out family’s legacy. My grandfather was a well-respected village healer, he was born into a lineage of spiritual healers, and leaders. My grandfather was visited by people from near and far, for all sorts of spiritual healing, blessings and clearing negative energies and warding off bad spirits. I being one of Ten children was destined to fall in his footsteps and continue his long legacy as A healer and channeler of wisdom in a more evolved manner. Where we come to know the science and spiritual or energetic aspect of one self-merging, to make one feel Holistic meaning healthy and whole.

My passion, curiosity and determination for knowing the truth in who we really are underneath the physical pain is caused by passed or current trauma.

Educational background

I have been immersed in the body work profession since 2003. Having completed all 4 levels of Reiki Spiritual attunement.
passionately moving forward, I studied about the Philosophy and various ways to meditate at the Siddha Yoga Ashram, NYC, since 1996.
Continuing on in academic studies at William Paterson college as a Certified Advanced Therapeutic Acupressure, Color and Music Therapy.
American Instituted formally owned by Fox Institute. I studied about the Western and Eastern approach to healing towards Massage and body Therapy.
It is my objective to provide both compassionate and effective services promoting overall health.
“Holistic”, a Greek word meaning Healing or feeling Whole is something all people search for. Through education and awareness of Therapeutic Massage body work and Holistic remedies making one feel Whole.
Simply put, I love what I do and I do it naturally.

The Importance And Facts About Body Work

My philosophy to people whom, never had any type of body work such as Massage therapy Energy healing and Acupuncture is an Alternative method of healing the body and mind naturally without Medication. In fact, our body has the power to heal its self naturally by manipulating and accessing its energy pathways and energy field.
The best words of wisdom that I love sharing with others about body work,
is do you take your vehicle for maintenance and repair when
its needed? Then why is taking care of YOUR body or your Vehicle that energy or Spirit resides in be any different?
Scientific studies show the facts about the importance of all bodywork to ta treatment. It’s not a LUXURY but a TOOL, to maintain homeostasis, which is when several body systems work together to maintain an overall balance.
Massage therapy is a perfect example of how homeostasis works. Massage affects the circulatory, digestive, nervous, lymphatic and other systems working all together to maintain a healthy balance, longevity and most importantly decreasing anxiety and stress.
Stress aggravates just about every system in our body. Over the Course of time when IGNORED, the body is in a state of DIS-EASE and There for DISEASE or illness is manifested.
Body work should not be a once in a while luxury thing but a monthly maintenance service