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Welcome to Progressive Healing Dynamics

Where Science & Spirituality Merge


Welcome to Progressive Healing Dynamics

Where Science & Spirituality Merge


Welcome to Progressive Healing Dynamics

Where Science & Spirituality Merge


The importance of body work.

Salutation and Welcome to the Website of Anita Rohani, A place where Healing does accure by getting to the root of it from the inside and progressing to fulfillment. My services focus on a "Holistic" practice, meaning Whole or Healthy It is not only a pure intention of mine, but a determined goal to make you feel your best and I strive for that with every soul that comes my way.

Kids Yoga And Meditation Class.



Kids today are under more pressure, exposed to more mature content, and experience more stress than ever before. They are bombarded with more information in a single day than other generations had to sift through in a decade. young kids are under immense pressure to be excellent students, excel in sports, get into the right colleges, hold jobs, babysit siblings, maintain friendships.

AND deal with the breakup of families. Today’s teens have always lived in fear of terrorism, school shootings, and war. Natural disasters are more frequent now, and the immediate and constant exposure via the internet to these tragedies multiplies the effects on our teens’ emotional and physical health. Plus, the social skills and savvy needed to survive our digital world of instant judgments and anonymous replies are often beyond the scope of a parent’s ability to help.
But now there more ways and tools
to help our kids harmless mental, physical, and emotional
stability and that’s through Yoga and mindful Meditation.
Benefits of yoga!


Pregnancy Massage

60 Minutes $120.00

I.G.M. Advanced Therapeutic Acupressure

60 Minutes $120.00

Reiki Massage

60 Minutes $120.00

Reiki Hands On Healing

60 minute $120.00

Chakra Balance

50 Minutes: $ 95.00 in home service
$40 group setting, $30 live on zoom

Karma Cleansing

60 Minutes $150.00

Reiki House Clearing

40 Minutes $95.00

Pampering Party For Special Events

$100 per person minimum of Six people and guest of honor 40% off.

Health Benefits.

I’ve been working in construction for 45 years! 12 years ago I found this amazing therapist! With out her I would not still be working pain free! My hands don’t go numb as much and my back is good and most importantly I have a whole lot of energy to keep up with my daily work. She is amazing! That therapist is God sent. Anita Rohni ! She’s the best!

Bob A paramus nj

I started seeing Anita several years ago and she has been so beneficial to my overall health and wellness. I’m a naturally anxious person but after a session with her I feel relaxed and at peace. She does great deep tissue work as well as breath work to help me fully relax. She magically finds all my knots and works to make them disappear. Her visits are highly anticipated and always appreciated. I can’t recommend her enough!

Debbie CProgram Manager, Port Murray, NJ

Hi Anita,
Here is my review. It’s brief and concise. I’m not quite a writer but you can make some revisions.
Just finished my 90-minute massage at Beaver Brook Spa with Anita. She found every little knot on my back and worked it out with gentle but strong hands. She worked out many of my sore and tight muscles and I am still feeling refreshed days later. Seriously, her accomplishments and degrees are deep. This was a massage that healed me. I highly recommend her for her expertise and professionalism.🥰

Rose MProject Coordinator, Training and Events

Hi Anita! Here’s what I came up with:
I have been going to Anita for reiki and massage for nearly two years. I had been struggling with an overall and complex feeling of dis-ease for a number of years, and I was ready to try anything in an effort to regain balance & wellness. Anita’s skill, insight, and intuition progressively led me to an improved quality of life! I feel years younger now, thanks to her. It’s hard for a layperson to explain the energy work effectively, but I can say the experience seems magnified with each visit. Afterwards, my body feels more vibrant and awake, and I feel more healthy.

Maggie W.Social worker.

My session with Anita began immediately, with her wonderful smile, genuine hello and welcoming disposition. I was feeling very worn out, and heavy and drained, mentally and physically. I was very stiff and uncomfortable. Her work is extremely soothing and comforting and the energy is very soothing and positive, her technique is perfect and very insightful and intuitive. At all times seeming to know exactly what needs to be done at every given moment. One hour is perfect amount of time to get the perfect healing you need. Afterwards, I felt very calm relaxed. The next day I was very energetic. Clear minded and I felt fantastic. I would highly recommend Anita for her services, a true professional, extremely competent, and a true healer.

Shaun WBusiness Manager
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Stress Can Affect Our Bodies And Health

If you feel tired after a working day, we are happy to give you an enjoyable and healthy solution to find your balance again. Come in and our we provide the perfect treatment and help you achieve the perfect mind-body harmony.